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Do You have a Marketing Plan?

Unfortunately a lot of companies think marketing and advertising are concepts simply applied by taking out an ad when their local ad rep comes by.  But nothing could be further from the truth.

If you wanted to lose weight would you just eat a healthy meal once in while? No, you would devise a plan that would most likely involve eating healthy meals consistently, exercising on a regular basis and developing overall healthy routines like getting plenty of rest and taking vitamins.  This process would be managed over a long haul; not in one meal.

So why is it when people go to tackle marketing their businesses or themselves they think:  “Well, I will just take out an ad in the local paper and then I’m done”?

Marketing, just like losing weight or purchasing a car or home should be evaluated with a couple things in mind like your budget, your goals or purpose of accomplishment on both the short-term and long haul, and your level of commitment.

I know, it is not what most people want to hear.  Another thing they have to devote time in their busy lives to.  But it is the truth.  Without making a strong commitment to actually changing your approach to advertising, you will not see effective results.

Commitment doesn’t mean not having fun.  There is no greater satisfaction than taking an idea and implementing it into a successful plan.  That can happen when you create a  strategy for making advertising and promotional techniques work for you.

So how do you begin?  First write down your goals immediate and long-term.  Next, be honest with yourself on how much you are able and willing to spend.  Then, think about your comfort level in handling marketing tasks.  There is nothing wrong with realizing what strengths or talents you do not have.  All of us are gifted in different ways, and the savvy business person knows when to ask for help.

So, now you are on your way to setting a foundation for achieving successful marketing results.  Start simple.  As with any change in our lives, you want to build on the small achievements and progress from there.

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